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Numerology reading is an ancient science of numbers which tells about your nature, talents, strengths, weaknesses, emotions what things you have done in your life and what you are destined to do in your future, and many more, based on your date of birth and name. Numerology tells that all the things in this universe are interconnected. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? The most amazing thing about this science is that when you understand yourself better and know what difficulties and opportunities are going to come across you in the future, you get a kind of extra control over your life. As a result, your chances of succeeding in anything you do in your life increases substantially. Of-course numerology reading is not always hundred percent correct, it is still worth taking help of.

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Personal numerology profile

Your future was defined as soon as you entered this world. Just as your DNA is your unique identity, your numerology profile is also unique. Your life path number reveals the whole blueprint of your life- your desires, your inborn talents and the challenges, lessons and difficulties you will be facing in your whole lifetime. So, life path is one of the most important aspects of your numerology profile. It is the path that you are going to travel in your life.

Your Birth date

There are three core numbers that determine your life. One of these is your birthdate, the other being your life path, your expression and your heart’s desire. Your birthdate tells who you really are and with what set of talents you were gifted with. You will know what field you have the best possibilities in, what you should do and what you shouldn’t, what pleases you and what hurts you.

Your expression

Another very important aspect of numerology reading is your expression. Your expression number defines your physical and mental characteristics. It mainly deals with the aim and goals that you will seek in your life. It is sometimes also referred to as the destiny, because it tells about your lifelong goals. It reveals your abilities, talents, strength and weaknesses, which you brought along with you when you were born. With all these personality traits, you will work hard each day to reach nearer and nearer to that goal. Years before the alphabets came into existence, the concept of vibrations of numbers was known. The vibrations of your name can be seen as the totality of your personal evolution. Each and every event that occurred in your life, no matter how trivial it may seem to be, has a contribution in your development and is responsible for your present state of existence. Various people and things that became a part of your life stimulated you and enriched you in various ways. Your expression is your very being. Your expression number helps you to understand your basic nature and the abilities and the issues that are inherent in your being.

Minor expression

In numerology reading, another type of expression is your minor expression which is based upon your current or short name. The importance of minor expression is less than that of main expression. In fact, minor expressions in some way supplement the main expression. It compensates for the small shortcomings in the information that your full name provides. For example, when a number corresponding to some of your characteristics is missing in your full name, it may be in your short name. On the other hand, some number describing your characteristics in excess in your full name, is generally balanced by your short name. A fantasizing consequence of this is that if there is a change in your name after marriage, it will also bring change in your characteristics. You may lose some of your previous qualities, add some new qualities or even intensify some quality or hidden talent that had earlier been suppressed.

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Heart’s desire

Your heart’s desire is your true self. It is your true inspiration, the underlying urge. Each of your actions, either directly or indirectly is governed by this inner desire only. This inner urge is the basis of all the important decisions that you take in your life. The heart’s desire is a part of the core numbers utilized in numerology reading.  


Another important part of numerology reading is your personality number. Personality number is determined from the consonants of your full name at birth. Your personality is like a linking gate between your true nature and your behaviors. It defines what qualities of your nature you will share with others and to what extent. With time, you reveal the deeper aspects of your nature to those in relationship with you. You will let them get a more vivid view of your various numerological traits like life path, expression, heart’s desire. Your personality discriminates the kinds of information and people that you will let to approach your mind and heart. Your personality acts as a protective cover to your inner self. It screens off people and situations that you don’t like to come across. Your personality also decides how others perceive you. However, one’s personality can’t be described objectively, not even by our closest ones.


According to the science of numerology, your maturity number is the indication of an underlying longing or wish that starts to reveal itself as you grow up, most pronounced after the age of 30. As you achieve a better understanding about who you are, what is your ultimate goal in life, what direction you want to give to your life. After this realization occurs, you become more focused towards the goal. You don’t waste your precious time in doing things which don’t resonate with your unique identity.

Karmic lessons

There is an ultimate truth that we come to this world with some strengths and weaknesses. This is the very basis of numerology reading. The letters and numbers in our name are those talents or strengths that we possess. However, we also have several weaknesses and shortcomings which we must work on in order to achieve our final goal. These areas of our personalities are called as karmic areas. In the terms of numerology reading we can say that the numbers that we don’t have in our name are these weaknesses that we can eliminate by working on them.

Though there are numerous other such parts in numerology reading, discussing all of them won’t be possible here. From the above discussion, we have observed that numerology reading can give us a lot of information regarding the various aspects of our life, and can be very fruitful if applied properly.