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We apologize but due works on the website the free tarot reading is currently not working while the new site is under construction.
To get your free three card tarot reading follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Think of a particular question you have for the Tarot then click anywhere on the deck below to shuffle the cards.(If the cards do not re-shuffle click your browsers reload button)


Three Card Tarot

The three cards above represent your past present and future. Once you have selected the cards from the deck you can click on them to find their meaning.


The Irish Psychics Live™ website can only present the basic meanings of the cards you have selected, the cards may not even refer to you but rather a person or event in your life (past, present or future). For a professional interpretation of how these cards relate to each other and to your particular question you can call:

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To talk to one of our professional psychics. Make note of the cards you have drawn and they will guide you through their actual meaning.

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If you want to know what the future has in store for you why not call Irish Psychics Live™ on:
1580 125 608

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To receive your Tarot reading by SMS text WEBTAROT to 57080