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Psychic Medium Reading

Human beings are limited in their natural ability and capacity to understand the daily happenings that surround them. While some take it to be normal, some are naively indifferent, but a large percentage understands that there are some forces responsible for some happenings around them.  Unfortunately, those who know and understand that there are some spiritual connections between their daily lives cannot on their own unravel the mysteries responsible for their daily activities. Irish Live Psychics is a business dedicated to helping the people or Ireland live a better life.

Be that as it may, there are some human beings that with special and extra spiritual sensory ability to read, perceive, and understand what happens in the life of another person. This set of people with extra-intelligent gift or power can delve into the life of other people and perceive, read, understand, and offer solutions to some lifestyle problems. This is where we come to the issues of a ‘psychic medium reading’.

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All services are for 18+ & entertainment purposes only. You must have the bill payers permission. No questions on health, pregnancy or finance. You may receive free promo messages. Send STOP to 57080. SP: Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk –

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Psychic Medium reading helps to unravel the past which is gone and the future, which is wrapped in mysteries by forming a connection between the past and the future to arrive at why the ‘present’ is what it is. Every bit of the present has bearings with the past and the future. A Medium can help you to get a glimpse of the future by connecting to the past and the present through a special reading.

It is necessary to make some clear-cut explanation here about ‘psychic’ and ‘medium’, two terms that people have often confusedly used interchangeably. Though, the two terms connote individuals who are intuitive or apply divination practices or somehow communicate with otherworldly spirits. Definitely, there are differences between psychic and a medium.

Psychics: A psychic operates on the intuitive plane.  Individuals who are psychic often claim to possess the ability to perceive and understand some hidden information which is not ordinarily available to an ordinary person. They use a ‘sixth-sense’ or the extrasensory insight.

Mediums: A Medium normally has an unusual ability to invoke and communicate with the spirits of the dead person (s) who is consulting a medium. This is called channeling where the medium acts as a bridge or ‘go-between’ between the dead and the other person.

Psychics operate on altered knowledge with special and well-developed abilities while a medium has a special and an intrinsic gift that an individual is born with.

How to Get Started (Dial Direct Carrier Billing)

  • Step 1: Choose the available “Irish Medium” from the Menu you wish to speak to.
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For Credit Card Billing

  • Step 1: Choose the available Medium from the Menu you wish to speak to.
  • Step 2: Dial 0818 400 305.
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Live Text SMS Chat

  • Step 1: Choose the available Psychic medium from the menu.
  • Step 2: Text “LIPREAD” and your question to 57080
  • Step 3: Wait for an instant automated welcome message followed by a reply from your chosen Psychic Reader.
  • Step 4: Have a live Q&A via text with the chosen Clairvoyant or Psychic of your choice. Super discreet easy and convenient.

What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium has some special gift that can help you unravel, adjust and re-adapt to your present happenings through clairvoyance or telepathic connections. A psychic has some clear insight into some hidden information which is not ‘ordinarily available’ to you from the past and future, which he can perceive and apply the information to adjust your present and future to your advantage. This in-depth information from your past, present, and future, which is beyond your ‘commonsense’ is the pivot on which the medium provides accurate answers to your questions.

psychic medium provides accurate readings into every area of your life as you inquire into them. You may ask questions about your love life, work life success, luck, family life and other areas that are of interest to you. The degree of psychic or intuitive ability in conjunction with the level of his mediumship is applied by the psychic medium to read and proffer solutions to your present situations.


The purpose of seeing a psychic Medium reader is to get a clearer insight into your life may be in respect to your work life, love life, family life, about some loved ones and life in general. It is advisable to prepare your mind emotionally and spiritually too. You should at least do the following to be able to have a good reading session with your psychic medium reader.

  • Don’t go with a pre-meditated mind frame: You are consulting a psychic medium because of ‘things you don’t know which you want to know’.   Go into a psychic medium reading session with an open mind and be ready to take notes of every detail that you were served with. This is important so you can relate with them later.
  • Don’t feel discouraged if you have a bad ‘psychic medium reading’ session. Some of the things you are told may not resonate well immediately, but you can get a better understanding of them later.
  • Always ask your psychic medium reader questions during the reading if there are things you don’t understand or agree with.
  • You can order another reading session after the first one. This may be to give feedback on the previous information and/or to clarify some details.

How helpful is a psychic medium reading to you?

A medium read and evaluate your aura and energy which gives the psychic medium clear insight into your life. A psychic medium reading is much helpful to you by giving you some advanced information and knowledge that he secured from your past, future and the present to offer you solutions that guide you on how to proceed with your life bearing. The guide offered opens you to understand how to manage and maneuver some of your doubts, frustrations, uncertainties, and confusions. This result will earn you a better way to navigate your life path by taking the right decision at the right time. A psychic medium offers complete solutions to overcome some of your problems. Through accurate reading, many of your life questions are answered with advanced knowledge of the psychic clairvoyant healer or medium reader.

How is a psychic medium reading conducted?

A psychic medium reading session can be through a one-on-one contact with a reader after an advanced booking. In this case, you are present directly during the reading. Another method of conducting a reading is through telephoning. This needs your contacting with the reader on the telephone who conducts the reading over the telephone.